With its 50000 inhabitants Lushnja is located about 80 km from Tirana, the capital of Albania. With the capital and the other surrounding cities Lushnja is connected through highways and the railroad. 

Lushnja is actually a strategic point of communication between the north and the south of Albania. The railroad functions regularly for the transport of passengers or cargo. The internal district is connected to the national and international phone network.

The health facilities of the city are quite developed, with 225-bed hospital, several mini health departments, laboratories, and pharmacies. 

The education in the city consists of four higher education institutions, one specializing on mechanic engineering, and another in agricultural engineering. The real gem of the higher education is the Institute of Agricultural Research, which has ties with similar Institutions all over the world. 

Lushnja is also one of the most important tourism districts. The two main attractions are Monastery of Ardenica, and the Beach of Divjaka. The Monastery is a medieval building, which today is transformed into a classy hotel with all the respect to hic ancient architecture. The Divjaka Beach is about 12 km long and is one of the best-preserved natural beauties of Albania. A place to visit in Lushnja is also the Laguna Of Karavasta, with its roaming pelicans and the beautiful Divjaka forest.

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